It’s foolish to expect anything less than excellence from Dusky. The UK duo of Alfie Grainger-Howell and Nick Harriman have been a force to be reckoned with in the world of house music ever since their critical success of 2013’s “Careless.” Since then, Dusky have proven time and time again their diversity as major influencers, especially after launching their label 17 Steps. This year, the pair introduced us to new artists, but also spent time on their Ordinary World EP , which is finally in stores today.

Like all other genres, house music is comprised of many different styles, which are all represented in Dusky’s Latest EP. The 4-track affair opens with my personal favorite record “Skin Deep.” As the bounciest tune on the EP, “Skin Deep” is impossible to stay still to. Dusky give you a short respite with a beautiful breakdown in the middle of the song, similar to the calm break in “Mr. Man.” The gears shift almost immediately to the darker, more underground sounds of “Jilted.” If you enjoy barebones house music, this will satisfy all your auditory needs, as the track is shaped around a simple hypnotic melody. If there was a “signature” Dusky sound, “Jilted” would fall the closest to it.

The second half of Ordinary World features the two most recent tracks introduced online – “Parakeet Feet” and “Squeezer.” The former is the brightest track on the record, using more harmonious synths and less punching rhythms in the production. The latter rounds out the entire quartet, as it serves as a middle ground to tie the previous three tracks together with a lovely bow on top. Altogether, Ordinary World is not only a fine showcase of all the different approaches to house music, but a testament to Dusky’s diverse production skills and a must-have for house heads.

Dusky’s Ordinary World EP is out now on 17 Steps.