With a weekend jam packed with festivals across North America, you’re going to need a few tracks to really get your blood pumping over the next few days. Thankfully, Botnek has the remedy, with their latest track “Tremors.”

Taking the quality over quantity approach to their music, the Canadian duo have produced two of the year’s most impressive tracks, the first being “Bumble Bee” on Zedd’s sophomore album True Colors. “Tremors” is a hybrid tune that commands the attention of all dance music fans, as Botnek takes a house bassline, dirty it up with big room synths, then add powerfully dark vocals from Go Comet! It’s similar to something fellow countryman Hunter Siegel would produce, but with a little more bite for the mainstage. No matter where you go this weekend – Hard Summer, Veld, Lollapalooza, Electric Adventure, etc. – mark my words: you will be hearing this track more than once. Actually, scratch that; you’ll be hearing it for the rest of the year.

Botnek’s “Tremors” ft. Go Comet! is out now on Dim Mak.