Ghastly is easily one of the hottest up and coming artists out of the Los Angeles area. His catchy, bass driven house sound has a power that is undeniable. Having collaborations with Mija, Jauz, Snails and more, Ghastly is quickly becoming the sound that is defining an entire emerging scene.

Ghastly’s latest song, Lil Trick, is unlike anything else he has put out before. Why? because it was made over a year and a half ago.

After listening to the track, you would never guess that is was made so long ago. The dirty baseline paired with an addictive vocal sample make this track an easy weapon in any DJ’s aresenal. The fact that Ghastly made a track that could stand the test of time is a testament to his vision. In today’s music scene which sees trends rise and fall like waves, Ghastly’sLil Trick” rises above.

“Super stoked to finally be releasing Lil Trick. I wrote this song a year ago and usually songs that are written a year ago aren’t ever released to the public but this one is important because I feel that it shows a turning point in my production and the direction of my style. Grab it as a free download and enjoy. (◕,,,◕)”

Check out Ghastly’s latest track “Lil Trick” below: