Self-proclaimed “dirty South hip hop + electronic music” duo Styles&Complete are back with an absolutely huge original. Known for their festival-ready trap sounds, Styles&Complete leave little to be desired with their newest effort. Featuring Kstylis on Fatman Scoop-like vocal duty, “Ready” is filthy high-energy banger ‘ready’ to destroy dance floors across the globe.

Styles&Complete start things off with crunchy synths, low bass notes, and a slow drum beat, mixed together to create a powerfully ominous intro. This gives way to Kstylis’s voice, which adds a crazy amount of hype to the track; you really want to “put your fucking hands up” when he tells you to. This is just a taste of what’s to come though, as the drop is an massive explosion of organized chaos. Sounds that can really only be described as ‘squeals and screeches’ blurt out, guaranteed to start the head-banging. These are mixed flawlessly with a fat sub-kick which rings out underneath to help lay a foundation for the chaotic explosion of noise previously mentioned. The only part of “Ready” that had me disappointed was the ‘hardstyle-esque’ sounds in the second drop. Styles&Complete manage to completely make up for it by allowing it to last only 10 seconds, and by breaking it down into a heavy rendition of the first drop. “Ready” is an aggresive, hard-hitting tune that will satisfy those looking for something more on the eccentric side.

Stream the track below or click HERE for free download!