I stumbled upon one of the best Zedd remixes I have heard in a very long time yesterday. This version of “Beautiful Now” featuring Jon Bellion was made by the mysterious new producer Grey. He’s taken the vocals and manipulated them to become more robotic, providing such a well rounded basis for the remix, as it leaves so much to listeners’ imaginations. The track is filled with these melodic vocals, and the drops are even more awesome. Grey has provided an awesome combination of more than a few genres, like electro house, trap and bass filled bliss. All of it comes together to get this Persian or Egyptian vibe, and it’s really cool. It’s creative music like this that really grasps the attention of people, and this is definitely something I am admiring about this new artist. It’s as Grey appeared out of thin air to introduce us to his authentic and incredible production style.

This is definitely one to watch ladies and gentlemen, so follow the social media links below and grab this free download now. I am on pins and needles waiting to hear what else Grey has in store for us all.