Through stunning visuals, spurts of action, and an array of different sounds, Mysteryland USA tastefully wove together video clips from Memorial Day Weekend to depict what the mysterious experience on the historic ’69 Woodstock grounds was like in 2015.

In their aftermovie, Mysteryland captured everything from the Healing Gardens, to aerial views of the Holy Ground, to fans getting down to the one thing that brought them all together: the music. It took you from the deep, dark confines of the Drumcode Stage to the heavy bass of The Boat to the relaxing hills of Bethel Woods. Although certain elements of the weekend were missing from the aftermovie (Sorry, Q-Dance!), Mysteryland flawlessly encapsulated the overall essence of the festival. Calm, yet crazy – the vibe at Mysteryland USA is unparalleled. A place where you can chill on the rolling, green hills, have photo ops with a giant stuffed teddy bear, or shuffle with friends, Mysteryland USA has everything to help you escape from the real world.

The 6-minute aftermovie captivates you, takes you on a journey through memories, and leaves you with both chills and a sense of nostalgia. Is it 2016, yet?

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