Gryffin has undoubtedly earned the a spot amongst the most buzzed about artists of 2014/2015. From remixes of Maroon 5 to Tove Lo to most recently Years & Years, the NYC-based musician is about to see his eminent explosion. Although there have been mixed responses to the upcoming DJ-centric blockbuster, We Are Your Friends, film-goers will want to keep their ears peeled for Gryffin’s latest track as it has earned itself the title of lead single for the movie.

A preview of newfound star’s remix of Years and Years’ “Desire” has actually been available in the trailer if you listened closely to the first 35 seconds, however it is now available in full stream on Spotify. Hitting the accelerator on the original’s tempo, Gryffin swiftly swoops in to lay down a painted guitar lead and bouncing synths that add a depth-defying amount of emotion.

Gryffin is an act people really need to watch out for because who knows whats to come after his feature film debut.