Controversy continues to plague MCP Presents’ Camp Bisco even after last year’s hiatus. For Bisco’s much anticipated return, the festival moved from its home in upstate New York to Montage Mountain in Scranton, PA.

Despite the geographical constraints of the mountain, organizers threw together a seriously stacked lineup, featuring Bassnectar, STS9, Tipper, and more. There were no fatalities during the festival, fans still enjoyed themselves despite another rain storm, and the 40,000+ fans had access to a water park the entire weekend. Sounds like a pretty damn good festival! Watch this video of the grounds shortly after gates opened:

Check out our exclusive view of #CampBisco from our Zipline at Montage!

Posted by Montage on Friday, July 17, 2015

Still, parents surrounding the new location are furious with the mountain’s management allowing such “devil worship” in their backyard. These reactions would be more expected from Woodstock, but EDM is rapidly proving itself as the new counterculture in the eyes of parents. Here are a few statements from Scranton Times Tribune on the matter:

“Montage ‘leased’ the waterpark for the 4-day drug fest, orgies, urinating everywhere, drug overdoses, naked people on water slide ‘concert.’ You can not shock or chlorinate that water enough to make me touch my feet in it for several days. I love Montage but you disappointed me for allowing this.” – Kristy Varzaly

I mean, how prudish!  Who doesn’t love a little naked slap and tickle? And to the boys still wearing those Borat banana hammocks…don’t stop if you still get reactions like this:

“It is one of those things you have to see and smell to believe. Everybody making out with everybody, drinking openly. One guy was in a – is it even called a g-string when a guy wears it?” – Kelly Osborne

Overall, the outrage is more comical than anything, and while some if it may be true, they’re likely referencing Bisco’s previous iterations rather than this year’s festival. Montage’s own Director of Marketing and sales, Christina Galdieri, put down the rumors, saying:

“No one died and most of the things being talked about are reference to things that happened at a concert in New York. People are making unnecessary and filthy speculation.”


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