EDM festivals continue to receive a bad rap in the mainstream media due to the amount of overdoses occurring at each event, and one Canadian festival has added to the negative stereotype with a staggering number of 17 different overdoses. The Chasing Summer Festival at Fort Calgary in Calgary, Canada made headlines today when media outlets reported 17 attendees were sent to the hospital for various cases of substance abuse.

Hospitals revealed five of the overdosed attendees were in a serious condition, 11 attendees were reported as unstable, and one case may result in a death. This mass of overdoses comes a year after 10 attendees overdosed and were sent to local hospitals at the 2014 edition of the Chasing Summer Festival. Medical professionals also divulged that every case was a result of combining alcohol with another substance, such as MDMA or cocaine. Headliners at the festival included Tiësto, Kaskade, and Dash BerlinCarnageDVBBS & more.

H/T: Global News