Although it is clearly a debatable subject, many have called Red Rocks Ampitheatre the best venue in America, and even the best on Earth. Now backers of this not-so-outrageous declaration have some proof in their claims, as the governor of Colorado has announced its naming as a National Historic Landmark. While this may seem related to its illustrious climb over recent years, a 15-year effort by advocacy group “Friends of Red Rocks” can be recognized for this monumental decoration.

So what does this all mean? “This designation reinforces Red Rocks Park and its remarkable landscape of red sandstone monoliths as a true icon for Colorado,” remarked Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper in an official statement. “It’s renowned as the only naturally occurring, acoustically perfect amphitheater in the world, and the diverse landscape attracts thousands of outdoor enthusiasts and even dinosaur fans. The Mount Morrison CCC camp is another historical treasure in the park, and one of the few surviving camps in the nation. It’s the perfect time to rediscover the park, see a show under the stars, and enjoy all it has to offer.”

The landmark designation also provides “additional protections from development, and may also make the property eligible for preservation grants and technical preservation assistance,” according to the National Parks Service. Although this seems pretty straightforward, definitive effects from this ruling remain to be seen, as it’s impossible to truly predict the resulting moves from the park and venue. This is a colossal accomplishment for Red Rocks, however, as it has truly become a beacon of unending success in the public eye. Now it has the name to show for it.




Image Source: Rock Tour Database 

H/T: Westword