To preface this article, I’d like to note my own time spent in our gun-hating, free healthcare getting, football chant singing cousins’ country we refer to as the United Kingdom. As someone who’s married to a Brit, I have first hand seen the weird quirks and general chaos of London first hand. And let me assure you it’s all fun and games until someone starts throwing paving stones at the cops… then it’s a party.

Last night in Hackney, North London a block/flat rave turned into bedlam as police clashed with angry revelers. Video has emerged from the incident showing what appears to be an apartment/council block bathed in police lights with chaotic chanting and of course a four on the floor kick behind it all.

According to Detective Chief Inspector  Cath Edington, “A number of residents had contacted police to complain about the noise levels at the party and it was for this reason that officers attended. To be confronted by hundreds of people and attacked in this way is wholly unacceptable.”

While raving in the states has the connotation of PLUR, England can have somewhat of Lasseiz Faire approach to their dance scene. Which to be fair, does allow ravers to fight for their right to ‘never stop the fucking rave’ even if that means throwing shit at the police. No Kandi, for you Mr. Bobby.

Peep the video below.

Source: Mirror.Uk