In what is essentially part three of my interview with future house maestro, Oliver Heldens, we sat down to discuss the stuff you really want to know: who he’s collaborating with next and who he dreams of working with in the future. Spoiler alert, house music legends and rising stars abound.

What’s next for HI-LO? Do you have any collabs planned?

There are collabs coming because for HI-LO there’s a lot more space for that.  With Oliver Heldens I can’t just release anything I want cause there are radio releases and big singles that have longer promo periods. So for example with HI-LO I’m working with collabs now with Jauz. I’m also working with a guy named Da Hool, he’s a guy that made the 90’s rave smash called “Meet Her At The Love Parade.”

When I brought up a potential collab with Datsik‘s new alias, Ephwurd, his response was…

That might happen sooner or later. I’m also working with Chocolate Puma on something. I’m not sure if it’s going to be HI-LO or Oliver Heldens because it’s kind of a crossover between HI-LO, Oliver Heldens and Chocolate Puma. It’s going to be really sick.

The DJ/producer phenom also expounded upon where he plans to take his new alias as well as his primary project with the Heldens name.

So basically HI-LO is for my more bass-line driven stuff… really focused on grooves and swinging beats and not necessarily about catchy melodies. Oliver Heldens has bass-lines too but it’s always with melody. With Oliver Heldens I’m doing even more melody stuff like “Shades Of Grey.” So that’s basically where it’s been going. My track “THIS” with Sander Van Doorn was very techno influenced so some people don’t understand why I’d do HI-LO stuff under a different name, I’m just expanding my horizons and it gives me more options.

So Heldeep is a pretty big deal and has huge potential but so far you’ve only released your own tracks on it. Do you have artists that you’ve signed or any new stuff coming that you can tell us about?

There’s one track which I’ve played at Tomorrowland as well, following “Renegade Mastah” which did really well, we’re really happy with that, I know Kaskade plays it in all of his sets.  The next track though I play in every set, you’ll hear it today, it’s really sick. It’s really raw. It’s from someone else, someone who got me into house music which is a really cool thing. In my email for the Heldeep label I already have at least five guys who back then were kind of my examples who are like “oh please, let’s release a track.” For me that’s amazing.

If you could collaborate with anyone; absolutely anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

Niles Rodgers to write songs and stuff. He’s an amazing songwriter and he’s been making hits for like five decades so I guess if I wanted to write stuff with more disco vibes and guitar I would want to work with him. With producing then I think Disclosure, and with more bass house stuff I would say Noisia cause of their sick sounds.

It’s safe to say we are excited for the future of this young talent, and looking forward to tons of new collaborations. We hope you are too!