Miami’s own Lookas is back, this time with an ominous space-themed trap heater. Focusing more on a festival sound, the trvpstvr is capable of producing some HUGE beats. “Voyager” is no exception to this, delivering the ear-destroying bass-y goodness you’d expect to hear from a Lookas original.

“Voyager” starts off with some dark piano chords, lasting only a short while before we’re introduced to a laid-back trap beat. Hi-hats and a simple kick/snare pattern can be heard over a subtle sub-bass. But this is only the calm before the storm, as a buildup soon takes us on an explosive chorus of basses and high synths. These work together and really nail the festival sound down perfectly. The track takes an unexpected turn with a ‘jersey festival’ break, undoubtedly to get the crowd jumping before unleashing the trap again. The third drop (yup, three of them) changes things up, rearranging the notes a bit and adding a few wubs in here and there. Overall, “Voyager” is one hell of a tune, guaranteed to have you trap-facing with your elbows in the air.

Stream the track below or click HERE for the music video! Free download available HERE!