Dillon Francis’s newest EP is finally out tomorrow, but not before he lets loose one final single: his long-awaited collaboration with none other than Calvin Harris!

But, there’s a problem… you can’t really hear Calvin Harris on this record. Take away his name from the contributing artists, and you wouldn’t have any problem believing this is a solo Dillon track. This issue was touched upon before when the vocalist and writer behind “Calvin’s” track ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ spoke about how that track came to be; I’m not saying that Calvin had 0% influence on this collaboration, but the lack of any discernible sound from him is suspect.

Aside from that, the tune is your pretty basic moombahton banger. The sound design of the genre itself is fairly rigid, as far as the rhythm, percussion, and synths go, which could have led to its decrease in popularity to begin with. Dillon does a great job of making it seem fresh after its long absence from the mainstream view, but the track remains overall disappointing.

Dillon has been playing this track in his sets for a while now, so if you’ve been itching for the full thing, you can get it tomorrow along with the rest of the EP here.