Last week I wrote a review about an amazing new remix from an artist that just came out of nowhere, Grey. This week, he has exceeded my expectations with his newest remix of Jack Ü’s “Where Are Ü Now”. This remix is probably the best one I have heard so far.

It starts off melodic and passionate, with the second verse of the original kicking things off. Not too far into the track, incredible guitar rhythms resonate in the most unique and fascinating way. Once the drop hits, you wonder to yourself “where the hell has this artist been all my life?” There’s an incredible and huge future bass bassline, and the tune is filled with dips and twists of electronic sweetness. The amount of creativity and effort put into this remix is on a level unlike anything I have heard. The vocals are strong and clean, and the pure bliss and energy you hear in the entire track is enough to make your mind melt. I am so extremely pleased that Grey has come forward to deliver such fresh and vibrate sound structure and composition in these remixes he’s made.

You can get this amazing remix as a free download, so grab it now and follow Grey on his social media links below!