Producers from all backgrounds have recently gotten into the habit of creating covert side projects, often switching up their style for something new or experimental. A name change, a new aesthetic, and instant support from huge names and outlets. When the first few songs on a brand new account have the power to stand alongside some of the top artists in the scene, it’s a telling sign that we’ve seen their alter ego somewhere before.

One such ‘newcomer’ is lux.impala. His first song has racked up over 12,000 plays since it was released 17 days ago, and he’s already acquired a following of producers such as Luca Lush, JayKode, Hebinomichi and many more. He seamlessly floats through different styles and production approaches, ranging from extremely hard-hitting festival trap to slow and deadly hip hop beats. His latest track comes in the form of a sensual and bass-oriented remix of Kehlani and Ambré‘s “Preach“. Judging from the percussion choices and mix quality, my speculations rest somewhere in Film Noir‘s roster of producers. Only time will tell if we ever uncover lux.impala’s alternate identity.

His “Preach” remix begins with muted vocals, piano chords, and a slow forward swell of fuzz that softly erupts into a rounded sub bass accompanied by light hi hats. The vocals sit center stage, complemented by textured strikes and hits that flare around the space with restrained energy. A simple arpeggio leads into the breakdown, as most of the elements are briefly stripped away. The rhythm returns with satisfaction, and carries until the next respite. Long-held synth chords give the last chorus nostalgia and new meaning. We’re left with an escaping cut of vocals and fade of atmospheric notes.

Download the track for free here!