Trivecta has teamed up with singer Charlotte Haining, combining their talents once again for a beautiful new song. Their first collab was a Seven Lions-like dubstep piece called “Ease My Soul.” This time around, they have dropped an emotion-laden tune called “Drift Away” that seems to span several genres.

The track starts off with a chorus of bells and chimes, which act as support for Charlotte’s exquisite singing. Her singing carries on for a minute or so, giving way to a pretty unique first drop. Sounds that can best described as the lovechild between trance and deep house are heard, laying down a groovy upbeat melody that somehow fits the overall vibe of the track. An interlude brings the focus back to Haining’s vocals, which in turn re-establish the emotional vibes of “Drift Away.” The second drop reinforces this, bringing the trance-y/progressive feel one would expect from Trivecta’s newer releases.

Stream the track below or check out the links after the jump to purchase!