As electronic music grows more and more popular, an increasing number of people will continue to try and break into the scene, eager to live the industry life. The result of this is a double-edged sword: we’ll surely get more amazing music, but it’ll come with an equal amount of laughable content. With so much competition around, one needs to do something pretty unique to stick out. That’s where Nick Deboni comes in, as the teen has just gone viral with his efforts to get noticed by the big dogs.

The 18-year old Brazilian teen recently completed his first remix, a progressive house-ish rendition of Madonna and Avicii’sDevil Pray.” This mainstage-ready tune has already gained over 88,000 plays since it was first posted a week ago, and Deboni thinks it’s good enough to be an official remix. This would require Madonna herself to sanction the remix, thus involving labels and paperwork and all the works. In an ambitious attempt to get her attention, Deboni posted a classified ad in Tuesday’s (Aug. 11) issue of the L.A. Times, pasting his headshot and message to the Queen of Pop. His message reads:

I published this ad to reach you Madonna and ask you, please, to approve my remix. I’m from Brazil – Rio de Janeiro I am 18 year old and love your songs. Ps: I am by my self.[sic]

He also included the hashtag #ApproveMadonna with the ad to try and gain some social media support. And it seemed to work, as the ad has gained significant attention on Reddit and #ApproveMadonna is currently gaining masses of support on Twitter. Given that Madonna is arguably one of the biggest living pop stars, this could be quite the significant break in the Nick’s career. Unfortunately, there is no word from her end regarding the remix at this time. While it’s not exactly a jaw-dropping remix, it’s definitely not bad. Good enough to get Madonna’s attention? We’ll just have to wait and see…

In the meantime, check out the ad below and listen to the remix for yourself!

ad - youredm