Piracy is a real issue.

No, I’m not talking about music. (Though of course it’s an issue here, too.) I’m talking about games. And not even $60 AAA games from Gamestop or Best Buy. I’m talking about $0.99 apps from the Play Store.

People are so focused on free items that they will forego any small sum for instant gratification. This includes even the very cheap, reasonably priced items on the iTunes and Play stores.

Canadian independent game-makers Noodlecake Studios have developed a novel way to discourage piracy — or at least make its perpetrators think a little harder about their behaviour — by pirating their own game and booby-trapping it with an unbeatable boss created in the image of helmet-wearing French dance lords Daft Punk.

Noodlecake noticed that a mere 11% of their game’s users had actually paid for the app, so they devised a devious plan. They pirated their own game and put it out on popular torrent websites. Instead of the full game, users would find Premium Funk as the final boss, a set of ridiculously difficult bosses that are actually impossible to beat.


Although a pirated version of the full game has already appeared on torrent sites, the effort from Noodlecake is admirable and original, and we salute their efforts.

If you’d like to purchase the game and support the developers, follow the links below.

Purchase for iPhone | Purchase for Android


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