It is absolutely astonishing how much music one guy can continue to put out while doing so in such short amount of time between releases. Juggling both label releases and free downloads, it blows my mind just how many ideas pop out of this producer’s mind and end up being catchy and energetic. Hailing from Miami as an electro and progressive house sensation, Henrix splashes the end of summer with a tune that follows his last major release on Kaskade‘s label Arkade “Drop Low” with Digital LAB.

Available as a free download through SoundCloud, Henrix delivers a reimagined concoction to the Shirley Bassey classic “Big Spender”. Although there are many acts that string electronic music with jazzy inspiration, it’s very hard to find a classic such as the original “Big Spender” in a house set. Thanks to Henrix, this 1966 golden oldie is masterfully rendered with echoed vocals to give Shirley Bassey a big room feel. Then the drop hits with vicious growls and slapping basslines that smack the way fantastic electro house does.

The last time sets heard “Big Spender” was from a trap remix from a producer and DJ known as Carnage that was made almost three years ago. Unlike the Carnage version, however, what Henrix brings to this nearly fifty-year-old song is a fast tempo for club crowds and festival fans to rage and jump to their heart’s content. If you want to feel that same level of energy that also honors a phenomenal, classic record, pick up Henrix’s “Big Spender” below and let the party start ASAP.