The last time GRiZ and Big Gigantic got in the studio, they came up with “Power,” an immense funk-infused dubstep heater. Now, nearly two years later, the boys have gotten back together to create another epic collaboration of jazz, electro, dubstep, soul, and everything in between. “Good Times Roll” features one of GRiZ’s most infectious saxophone licks to date, and incorporates the flawless production standard set by Big G. To experience the best of both worlds, listen to the stream below and download the track for free.

The song starts with a distant vocal sample looped behind a fast-paced series of hat strikes. A prominent funk bass quickly enters the space as the sample continues, while stings of horn stab between the spaces. After a quick pitched swell, GRiZ’s saxophone takes over the attention with soulfully satisfying cascades up and down a jazz scale. The powerful percussion sections pushes the melody forward until the break. A singalong ensues, perfect for crowd interaction and for the brass section to briefly run the show. The saxophone continues into the next drop alongside welcome sweeps of electro synths and piano rolls.

The track can be downloaded for free here!