Digital music label Liquid Amber has just created a brand new series called Digital DubplatesIn this continual series, they’ll be showcasing digital-only singles from some of their best upcoming artists. Their first installment comes in the form of a wacky and visceral beat from Noer The Boy. Known for his unorthodox approach to rhythm creation and expert use of samples, “Soda Pop” comes as another excellent addition to his catalogue. He uses re-sampled strikes of an actual soda can for part of his percussion arrangement to add depth and character to his creation. The track can be downloaded for free here.

It begins with a steadily approaching buzz of metallic hissing and an accompanying clap. Soon, a heavy kick drum leads us into the break alongside a pumping of white noise. Many unique percussive elements are thrown around the space with precise timing, as the kick and snare dominate the rhythm. Short vocal samples and distorted synth lines smash into each other above the beat while a prominent hi hat glues it all together. Another swell brings us back into the surprisingly familiar arrangement with newfound life. Noer The Boy’s confidence and production skill are clearly displayed as he effortlessly cuts elements in and out of the space while maintaining the track’s harsh energy. It ends with dynamic snare rolls and a fadeout of the screeching synth.

The track can be downloaded for free here!