Good news, everyone: it’s Friday! If you’re at the tail end of a draining work week and ready to float into the wondrous weekend, then we’ve got just the tune for you.

Iconoclastic Los Angeles duo, Magic Bronson, recently released a new single to follow up their critically acclaimed Wildlife LP; entitled ‘Levitate’, the track took shape on a dark and stormy night deep in the heart of the Mendocino redwoods. Maybe it was the altered state the musicians were in combined with the inclement weather, but there was a mysterious energy contained within this creation. So much so, that bass music’s underground champion, Mochipet, simply had to lend his skills to a remix. It’s a bit more high-energy than the original, relying on clattering percussion and booming bass hits to drive things forward. Sunshine-bright synths add a warm atmosphere as well, quickly putting a smile on your face and a tap in your foot.

Mochipet‘s remix of Magic Bronson has been released via War Cry Records and is available on both Bandcamp and iTunes; be sure to grab a copy if you’re feelin’ the vibes!


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