In this half hour interview with legend Charlie Rose, Skrillex & Diplo go into great depth about the rise of EDM and how they have gotten to the point that they are at today. They start off quickly with Diplo admitting that he’s not quite a musician, but that it doesn’t matter in the modern age. They define themselves more as artists and creationists… content producers, even – and they reveal that their studio time with Arcade Fire might actually be turning into a legitimate collaborative release.

The pair describe how Jack Ü got started and why it’s such an exciting project as well as what went into the creation of “Where Are Ü Now” with Justin Bieber and why it’s such a hit song today. Skrillex even goes as far as addressing the rise of “Molly” in junction with the EDM scene. Watch below for one of the deepest insights into these two superstar EDM DJ/producers that we’ve ever seen.