Warning: potentially graphic image below. Please read at your own discretion.


Location: Charlton warehouse, south-east London.

An underground and illicit rave boasting thousands of teen-aged attendees took place this past Saturday and was promptly sealed off by police at 9pm to prevent more people from entering. Ravers, however, will party any way they can. At least 200 people took to scaling a more than 10 ft fence topped with hazardous spikes in order to gain entry, and at least two of those people walked, or limped, away with serious injuries.

One girl received puncture wounds to her leg after falling upon the top of the fence while trying to gain access to the party, and one even lost her finger. Attempting to leap down from the fence, it appears, as per the picture below, that the girl’s little finger became wedged between two spikes and upon falling was sliced clean off her hand. Check out the image below. (It’s a finger, we promise.)

severed finger


A 16 year old witness reports:

“I got over the fence and I heard this really loud scream. I turned around and this girl was screaming she had lost her finger. We were all freaking out. We were looking for it for ten minutes. She was inconsolable. Everyone was looking at the floor but a boy trying to climb over the fence said ‘oh my God it’s here’, and it was stuck on the spike. About five people were filming it. I didn’t want to look but something made me. I had to walk off I felt so sick.”

In total 9 people were arrested at the event for various transgressions and police are further investigating promoters in an attempt to find out who is responsible for the rave.

Party on, party people – but remember to party safely.


Sources: Standard UK, Metro UK | Photo: National News & Pictures