Arty’s iconic, original sound has carried him to all corners of the globe, easily making him one of the best electronic artists Russia has produced in the past several years. While his accolades run deep, the culmination of the last two years comes in the form of his new album, Glorious.

Coming out on October 9th, Glorious represents a new step in the artist’s career. Diligently working on his album throughout the past two years, it is no surprise that this album has become very close to Arty’s heart:

“It was probably the best and hardest creative time in my life. The whole idea behind this album was to show my maximum musical diversity, but at the same time – create something that people would feel as one piece of musical journey. Style wise it would go through all possible ranges that I could explore and fit into one long play.” -Arty 

Arty will be taking over the Your EDM livestream today from 4:00-6:00pm PST. Arty, an adamant gamer, will be playing League Of Legends, talking music, and hanging out with fans.  The livestream provides a a platform for Arty to creatively interact with his fans while revealing more about himself.

Make sure to tune into the Your EDM channel at 4:00pm PST or check back on this post to watch the event live below:

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