Whether you were born in the 70s or the 2000s, there is one undeniable truth: The Who’s “Baba O’Riley” continues to resonate in the youth of each new generation. While I hold strong to the idea that classics should remain classics, it’s refreshing to see that this latest remix from Justin Caruso isn’t a random song plucked out of a hat and played over a tired future house bassline. Caruso takes the two best parts of the song – the piano chords and the combination of Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend’s iconic vocals – but gives the tune a modern sunset house update without making it too EDM. This is another one of those “fun for all ages’ tracks; you know, the type you can play when you steal the aux cord on a family vacation and your dad won’t yell at you to put on some “good music.” This is good music. Hell, it’s great music, and another quality remix from Justin Caruso, who struck gold with his debut single “Satellite” with Dave Aude ft. Miss Palmer last year. Listen below, and pick up a free download from Soundcloud too.

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