It’s no secret that Snoop Dogg has been toying with the idea of making electronic music. His voice and verses are an easy match with the right beat, and while others criticize the idea of Snoop Dogg making electronic music, it’s actually a pretty good move.

Snoop Dogg isn’t making the same songs he was 10 years ago and his musical interests have shifted. In his latest collaboration with Charlotte Devaney, Snoop Dogg delivers the lyrics on a weird Melbourne bounce track “Flip It”.

“Flip It” is a funky, upbeat guide to female masturbation … not joking. The LSD inspired video goes through all the hand motions one would use to get herself off. Although the video is just straight up odd, the track itself is really good, in a weird stuck-in-your-head kind of way.

Hopefully this is not Snoop Dogg’s last foray into the world on electronic music as his vocals are perfect for any main stage banger.

Check out “Flip It” below: