Wolfkin has been on the prowl lately, and his new remix of “Red Lips” GTA definitely proves he’s leading a new pack of unique and hard tunes.

The track begins with a melodic and intense energy, building up to something quite enormous. You can really tell a lot of time and energy was put into this, as you hear all of the different and strange sounds flowing through your speakers. The drop overtakes you; literally fills your ears with raging and twisting electronic rhythms. It’s this cross between industrial, experiential, house, and electro. I guess Wolfkin was right about his tag in this tune titled “Death to Genres”. He really is setting a new visionary scene with this track, and I truly hope more people listen to it. You can really tell there was a lot of time, effort, and creative genius poured into this work, and I am very hopeful that Wolfkin can catch GTA’s attention with this remix. Be sure to look out for more from Wolfkin, vote for the track here and follow him on the social media links below.