DJ BL3ND is back with his latest tune, an electro house banger with help from Jaycen A’mour.

Entitled “Bad Monday,” this track is the antithesis of the Monday stereotype, featuring uplifting rhythms and hard-hitting kicks amidst a gritty electro bassline.

The track comes out via BL3ND’s own LokoSound label, you can get it here.

‘Bad Monday’ has a lot of elements of main stage house, but still plays out as a really dirty track. How’d you find that balance?

I like to keep the best of both worlds in my tracks as I find it works really well for some of the larger stages that I play. I love having the epic breakdowns that create a really euphoric vibe but then I like to make sure all of my drops are crazy and very energetic. I tend to play a lot of these types of tracks in my sets and online mixes too!

Tell us a bit more about your label ‘LokoSound’ – when did it start and where do you see it going?

I first started LokoSound in late 2011 as a way to get my music out there on my own time frame. The name ‘LokoSound’ means ‘Crazy Sound’ and I feel like this reflects a lot of what I am doing with my music and DJ sets. As I mentioned a little before, I love high energy, crazy sounding house music… This is something that I am very passionate about. In the near future I am looking to start releasing music from other artists too! Stay tuned for that…

Have you worked with Jaycen A’mour before? What was it like working with him on this piece?

I love Jaycen’s production and I have been supporting his music for a while now. I first met him whilst I was touring in New Zealand and after hearing some of his newer music we decided to collaborate on something to see how our styles would mix in the studio. We’re both really proud with how ‘Bad Monday’ came out as and hopefully our paths will cross again soon so we can make some more music together.

In your opinion, what’s the perfect moment in a set to drop this track?

I’ve found that this is the type of track that can be dropped at any moment in one of my sets. It has an epic build up and an energetic drop! Perfect for opening, closing or switching into after a more progressive track in the middle.