Though I rarely get time to just peruse Soundcloud on my own – without the aid of press releases – it’s still one of my favorite things to do when I get the chance. So much untapped talent and undiscovered genius lies just beneath the surface. One of my favorite recent finds in the rising LA-imprint scene is the new label, Spirited. Their first compilation release, Free Spirits Vol.1, has consistently brought us new gems over the last month and most of you wouldn’t even know it.

In just 4 weeks, Spirited has amassed over 6.5k followers on Soundcloud and over 300k streams. Though numbers don’t always translate to quality, it’s still impressive. Recently garnering support from Skrillex himself, this label is situated perfectly to ride the wave straight into the future of electronic music.

We sat down with label owner, Dan, to find out more…

Firstly, tell me some more about Spirited and its background. You guys pretty much came out of nowhere!

We’ve been working within music for a while now in various different areas as a team. The inspiration for Spirited came when we relocated from the UK out to LA last year…Spirited is really a passion project where we get to work with even more artists and find creative ways to get their music out there.

Free Spirits Vol.1 has picked up some really great support including Skrillex… will your future releases also be in this format?

The Free Spirits series was a great way to kick off the label and show people what we’re about from the start and we’ll certainly do more of those (we’ve already started gathering tracks for Vol.2!) We’ve been so stoked at the response and it’s been a real privilege to have such a great lineup of artists involved. Moving forward, we’ll also be focusing on individual artist’s EP or single releases.

Can you tell us what releases are coming down the pipeline?

We’re very close to announcing our first EP release from new comers ‘Kadington’. These guys have developed a killer sound and we’re excited to get it out there. Also, we’ve been working with Diamond Eyes for a while on the management side, he’s been deep in the studio for a minute now creating so much new music. His track from the compilation, ‘U & I’, has picked up some amazing support and we have a whole EP from him ready to go.

So far, you’ve released songs in varying genres and styles. Any advice for any aspiring producers who might want to release on Spirited?

We’ve been very intentional about making sure Spirited is not a genre-defined label. I think we’re in one of the most creative eras for music right now, with new styles and unique sounds springing up all over the place. We’re looking for music with soul and life to it, hence why we landed on the name Spirited.

Check out the full Free Spirits Vol.1 compilation below: