While they still choose to remain anonymous, the promoters for the now viral ‘Blood Rave’ in Amsterdam have opened up to VICE about certain aspects of the event.

First off, and probably what’s on everyone’s mind, the promoters are doing their absolute best to make sure real blood is rained down upon patrons. Whether that’s human blood, pig blood, cow blood or what have you remains a question.

Of course, our visitors’ safety comes first, but we are definitely exploring all possibilities to make this [event] as freaky as possible.

The promoters are aiming for 1,500 people at the event, and they do not recommend you wear your fanciest clothes. The ambiance will be dark and gritty, and they expect their patrons to reflect that aesthetic. Unfortunately, real vampires will not be in attendance.

As far as I know, they don’t exist.

As for the music, they’re looking to go off of the current house/techno scene in Amsterdam. The music in that region has been known to be dark and abrasive, perfect for the environment that the promoters are hoping to develop.

These promoters are experienced at throwing events, although this is of course the first of its kind in the area. (There have been other ‘blood themed’ events, though they’re rare for obvious reasons.) While many people expressed disgust and outcry in the comments of our last article, I doubt that the promoters would knowingly harm their patrons or use blood that could potentially save lives, such as O- type.

As far as pushing boundaries, and pushing buttons, I’d say this anonymous group is doing a really good job.

“[…] what I can guarantee you is that you will only see red all night.”