Near the beginning of July, we reported on a mysterious countdown clock that was found on techno legend Gesaffelstein‘s official website. Although it’s set to hit zero on September 11th at noon PST, we’ve since received no new information on the content of his inevitable announcement. Thus far, the only speculation we feel comfortable making is the obvious one: a new Gesaffelstein album. The ‘end’ to his live shows, wipe of his Facebook account, and general lack of presence lately suggests that this may not be an unrealistic idea. More potential proof has just surfaced, however, in the form of a photo with a potential collaborator.

Yesterday, R&B artist The Weeknd took to Facebook to post an nondescript photo of himself and Gesaffelstein. While they could have simply been hanging out, we’re hoping that this signifies a feature on Gesaffelstein’s assumed album. The Weeknd has just released his own, “Beauty Behind The Madness,” which is currently up for purchase on iTunes. Check out the photo below, and listen to a preview of The Weeknd’s album further down.