One man has just purchased the holy grail of electronic music record collections. You can find it at Vinyl Pimp record shop, a store in London run by a man named Hon, the one responsible for this legendary acquisition. Previously stored in a garage in Essex county, this record collection of 24,000 is now being called “one of the most complete archives of the evolution of dance music.”

Soul, hip-hop, house, disco, and techno were all found in the bins, and the records are almost exclusively from 1983 until 1993. This timeframe rests just after the inception of electronic music as a whole, right as things were starting to pick up for the scene. Like a time capsule, these records offer an extensive look into electronic music’s past. In anticipation of eager fans waiting to get their hands on these classics, Vinyl Pimps threw a viewing party where attendees got the chance to dig through the substantial number of records. If you were in London and got to check out the party, you now own a piece of history. If you weren’t lucky enough to be in attendance, check the video below that gives a closer look at Hon’s pick-up.