Good ‘ol Uncle Snoop is known to be a supporter of everything rap, using his position to promote a good number of young artists. The ganja-puffing legend rarely has anything negative to say, which is expected of someone who’s perpetually high. However, Migos, Future, and similar artists have struck the wrong note with Snoop, prompting a short rant about how their styles are all the same on his YouTube show GGN News.

The rant has since gone viral and has sparked a number of videos highlighting Snoop’s very accurate imitation of the new generation’s flow. Trap producer falls has decided to use his talents to create the newest rendition of Snoop, and it’s easily the best one out there. He adds a typical slow trap beat to it, suddenly transforming Snoops nonsense into the next Migos banger. Seriously, it sounds like it could’ve been the lead off Dirty Sprite 2.

Check it out for yourself below…

While you’re at it, check out the entire interview with 50 Cent and G-Unit. Skip to 6:53 to see where this Snoop sample came from.