As one of hip-hop’s most iconic figures, Big Boi is nothing if not eclectic and incalculable. For his latest genre-blending venture, he’s teamed up with renowned electronica duo, Phantogram, for a full album the crew has all too cleverly entitled Big Grams.

Though Big Boi teased the project back in 2014 during Outkast‘s epic reunion tour, true confirmation of the album’s imminent release came just last Saturday in the form of a live performance with all members of Big Grams present and accounted for. Only three of their new tunes were performed, but we can hardly blame them for keeping us wanting more. And more is coming very quickly; along with the album itself, it appears the group has also finished shooting a music video for their first single. Though no music from the new group has been posted online, you can revisit 2012’s Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors for an idea of what shape their sound may take; the track ‘Objectum Sexuality’ is a stellar pairing of Big Boi‘s ultra smooth lyricism and Phantogram‘s other-worldy production. Check it out below and try to contain your excitement.

[H/T: Complex]