Terravita has never been one for keeping things simple. Whether you look back at their tracks and see the inception of drumstep or the integration of classical music, their desire to experiment and innovate is one of the best in the bass music scene.

This track is interesting for a few reasons. The first and most obvious is the element of jazz incorporated – even with the hard and crunchy bass, it has an unusual rhythm for typical bass music, owing to club-style jazz. I’m also always happy when I get to hear Jon Spero’s vocals on a tune, which this tune has plenty of.

Another less noticeable feature of this tune is the lack of any real verse-chorus-verse structure, it just kinda …¬†goes. The intro is short, and moves out of the way quickly for the real meat of the tune, a process that takes only 21 seconds. From there, it’s a solid bass-filled ride.

This is certainly an excellent DJ tool, but don’t expect to hear it as an opening tune any time soon.

Alternate Reality is a two-part EP. Grab the first part when it drops September 4th here.