Yesterday on Apple Radio’s Beats 1, Radio DJ Zane Lowe had Deadmau5 on as a guest, and we got a little insight as to how the Mau5 operates.

Admittedly, Deadmau5 hasn’t been doing much in the way of music lately. Moving into a new house last November has swamped him with the usual producer ailments of installing an internet connection (which takes forever), building a studio, and setting up hordes of gear. Though the studio is about three-quarters finished, he did hint at a few ideas he’s been toying with that we can likely expect during the winter.

Still, not having much to talk about regarding music, the discussion quickly turned to Deadmau5′ social media presence. His response to his “anti-social media” antics? “It’s just because I get all this free time and I don’t know what to do with myself.”

“Twitter, to me, is like a video game. You play it. What’s social about social media? I don’t, and I never will, consider a social media outlet to be representative of me…”

So that explains the Diablo streaming and Twitter rampages. Listen to the full interview below to hear more.