Video games and electronic music often go hand in hand, and one of EDM’s biggest DJ’s just got a digital makeover. NetEase’s Speedy Ninja has just recruited the likes of Steve Aoki for their newest update.

The game is an endless runner type of game where you avoid obstacles and attacking enemies, like the award-winning Temple Run. Usually, you’re a mysterious, all-black clad ninja. But fresh off his set at the game’s release party at PAX Prime, Aoki is now a playable character in the game, complete with cakes and flow. So instead of ninja stars, you’ll be throwing cakes at the enemies and instead of a typical sword, you’re equipped with a microphone. You’d think a sword would be more useful, but in the hands of Aoki, the microphone becomes a deadly weapon.

ninjaninja - youredm

It’s an interesting move that will surely attract a whole new group of users. Aoki had some words on the game:

The first time I saw my character I was totally blown away by the design. The NetEase game team nailed it! I love the flowing hair, the cakes, and even the inflatable rafts; all those elements that are unique to my show. I can’t wait for my fans to check it out!

Of course, our very own deadmau5 himself was introduced into a mobile app game not too long ago, as well. Read more about that here.

Both iPhone and Android users can check out the game below:

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