Zhu has never been one to do things transparently. [Insert joke about the translucent cloth he used during his live shows.] From the very beginning, his identity and purpose was shrouded in mystery. Now that we know more about his music, goals, and even a bit more about his identity, Zhu has moved on to the next mystery act in his burgeoning career.

Zhu’s socials have been dead since May, until today. With simultaneous posts on Facebook and Twitter, as well as the birthing of a new website – http://generationwhy.com/ – this is the new era of Zhu.

generation why

The site signifies the beginning of his new project: Genesis Series.

We’re told that the site will fill in letters as more fans enter their emails. What happens when enough fans sign up?

In the usual ZHU fashion, the world waits and watches.