um.. are back with their newest track, “yeah word cool tight.”

It’s like, alright, I guess. I don’t know. The sounds are cool, yeah. Word. Tight.

Bass heavy, and just … weird, these guys know how to fuel an acid trip. Putting all their songs together might induce heightened paranoia and bouts of schizophrenia. Not really. This song in particular has been found to create lesions in the minds of rice and earthworms; no information is currently available on aardvarks.

As with each release, you can check out the story of protagonist below. Check out Act I and Act II from the links.

Act I | Act II

the protagonist’s journey: act III

skrillex moved towards a door that read “employees only”

“follow me,” he said shortly. 

protagonist and ally exchanged a quick glance before moving towards the tall black door that was now slowly swinging back shut. protagonist shrugged as he reluctantly moved towards the opening that the strange man had just disappeared through, with ally close behind. upon entering this surprisingly sizable space, they were greeted by the warmth of a large fireplace, with a few logs burning in the center. this was a relief to both of them as the air conditioning had been on full blast in the previous room. facing the fire was a pair of tall maroon arm chairs atop an expensive looking rug dimly lit by a small chandelier hanging in the middle of the room. 

“iced coffee?” skrillex asked as protagonist and ally were both a little startled albeit by a much friendlier tone than they had encountered in act II. “I have hazelnut and vanilla creamer, if you’d like.” he continued, ignoring how uncomfortable they both looked. 

turning towards the voice protagonist spotted him twirling around in his chair at an oak desk along the wall. on it was a small midi keyboard and a laptop that appeared to have some production software protagonist had never seen before. on each side of the desk were two smaller studio monitors, one of which appeared to not even be turned on.. 

“two hazelnut please,” ally answered for the both of them as protagonist stood perplexed that the man did not use ableton. skrillex nodded, and poured them their drinks. protagonist noticed immediately that the creamer was sugar free, but continued to sip it anyway. 

“come sit” skrillex said calmly as he rolled his chair in front of the fire. protagonist and ally found their way into the high-back chairs that, to their pleasure, were as soft and comfortable as they looked. “so, tell me why you’re here,” skrillex spoke, still friendly in his tone.

“well..” started protagonist, “earlier today i was approached by a talking dog,” he continued, expecting a look of disbelief when in fact the statement seemed to pique the man’s interest, “..and..” he started again, slowly, ” he told me that i’ve been chosen to defeat the evil-“

yeah.. word.” interrupted skrillex as he stood stiffly from his chair, “cool” he then exhaled as he turned away from them towards the fire, “tight.” he said finally taking a sip of his coffee, his other hand tucked in the pocket of his black skinny jeans with the exception of his thumb. 

“what’s your problem?” ally interjected. 

skrillex stared silent for a moment still facing the fire,” that dog came to me once before.” now slowly turning to face them again, “this quest was once bestowed upon me. and i took it. i could’ve done it too, if it wasn’t for.. ” he became silent as he peered grudgingly at a painting of a dinosaur flying a spaceship on the wall opposite his computer. “well.. I failed. creativity is as rare as ever and i’ve seen the obstacles that stand in your way. it is not likely that you will succeed, but mentor saw something in you and uh well.. he’s not usually wrong about these things.” 

not knowing where to start protagonist and ally just looked at each other feeling a mixture of excitement and fear. protagonist looked to skrillex, “so like.. what do we do?”

“you must travel to Velo City. a distant land. Uber drivers won’t go out there. there you will find the answers you are looking for, but you must move quickly, there is no time to waste. the queen’s spies may have caught wind of you by now. if they haven’t, they will have soon enough. you mustn’t stay in one place for too long.” 

the two producers started to thank skrillex as they all left the room together. as protagonist passed the counter he noticed that skrillex had left the e cig sitting there. he picked it up and turned to him again, “what’s so special about this? did you make it?” he said, looking again at the inscription of the store’s name on its handle.

“no. steve made that one. he doesn’t work here anymore.” said skrillex,” it’s a shame. one of the best craftsman in the game if you ask me. i suppose mentor gave it to you so that you would find me.”

“mentor told me to hold onto it though. he made it seem like it was more than just an ecig.” 

just then the front door burst open and two large men came barreling through. protagonist and ally ducked to the floor instinctively. 

“looks like you’re in trouble. use the back door. i can stall them long enough for you to get away.” said skrillex, now opening the door they had just come through. protagonist and ally quickly crawled through and began to look for the exit. while surveying the room ally noticed an open letter signed mentor at the bottom. without thinking, he grabbed it as protagonist yelled, “it’s over here!” 

protagonist swung the door open and they ran outside..