Michael Jackson rolls in his grave, horrified by the atrocity Spinnin’ Records commits with its latest excuse for a music video. The record label’s music video output has been criticized in the past for its hypersexualized, degrading images of women, as evidenced by those to tracks like “Turn Up The Speakers” by Martin Garrix and Afrojack, “Karate” by R3HAB and KSMHR, and “Get Get Down” by Merk & Kremont. However, this latest video from Spinnin’ takes the cake in sexualizing women to the point of no return; “Cream” by Tujamo and Danny Avila may be the worst EDM music video ever.

To kick things off, this video follows no comprehensible narrative of any sort. It depicts scantily clad women rubbing whipped cream all over each other. That’s it. It does fit the title of the song, but it evokes images of perverted businessmen conspiring to make the most depraved visual interpretation of the word “cream.” It doesn’t help that the song is an utterly derivative remake of the classic Federico Franchi song “Cream”, and this remake will ultimately get some DJ play from fellow Spinnin’ artists for two weeks and then be tossed away to make room for the next bigroom ear sore. This already happened with another Tujamo song called “Booty Bounce“, an obnoxious track with a revolting music video that began collecting digital dust after a mere five months.

Aside from the deep cuts at feminism, sexuality, and the artistry of the music video format, the “Cream” music video sets a dangerous precedent for EDM music videos. This trash heap already garnered 400,000 viewers after two days, and that number is only climbing. What does that say about the genre? What does it say about the quality of the tracks Spinnin’ releases? If a song as utterly generic as “Cream” requires a lazily risqué music video to give it legitimacy, does it deserve release in the first place? This video basically qualifies as softcore porn and it essentially spits in the face of all the influential music video directors and creators to have come before. For shame, Spinnin’. For shame.

Watch the censored “Cream” music below, but be sure to grab some eye bleach before pressing play:

If you want to subject yourself to more torture, watch the uncensored music video below. WARNING NSFW: