Burning Man just ended, and that means that thousands of hours of aftermovie footage from Go Pros will soon be flooding the web. But before that, an unlikely cross promotion from Quiznos and the team behind The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials take an interesting look at the unique event that is Burning Man.

We don’t know why, but millennials are willing to fork over tons of cash to attend an overcrowded festival in the middle of the desert.

Coachella was “Phase 1,” and Burning Man is apparently “Phase 2.” While the whole video rides the line between parody and reality, it never ceases to be entertaining. While Quiznos execs likely aren’t trying to subliminally influence burners with free sandwiches in exchange for back rubs, cuddle puddles 100% exist.

I just saw a Google exec fire jousting with P Diddy!

The quip about bucket lists is also pretty poignant, considering the amount of Silicon Valley workers that end up going to the fest every year with lavish expectations.

They lied to us, said it was an anti-establishment society based on radical self-expression. It’s become a place for rich people to check off their bucket list.

Burners will tell you, as with all groups, that the majority of people there are in it for the right reasons and it’s unfair to let a few bad apples taint the bunch. But if this videos says anything at all, it’s that corporatization of the “anti-establishment” society isn’t that “anti-establishment” anymore.

Still, it’s funny.