Firepower is known to be a premier force in the bass music scene, curating a catalogue of impressive and diverse heavy sounds. Their newest track is an unexpected one, recruiting the talents of electronic rock band Savoy and heavyweight Prismo for a massive new rap/trap banger. Featuring K!NG Z3U$ on vocal duty, “A1” is a hyped up bass-frenzy that brings an unprecedented amount of energy to the dancefloor.

“A1” starts off with a verse from K!NG Z3U$ over a relatively simple beat that features dark synth work and some ambient chords in the background. K!NG Z3U$ flawlessly delivers with expert flow, adding an ideal amount of hype to Savoy and Prismo’s dark beat. The drop brings crunchy buzzes over a nice, clean kick and sub, which mix together perfectly to form an all-out aural assault that will please bassheads everywhere.

Stream the track below!