KRNE is a name you should be very familiar with by now. This California-based producer has seen collaborative releases with a diverse array of sibling artists, from Herzeloyde to Alexander Lewis to Mikos Da Gawd and Mr. Carmack, to name a few. In his latest remix, KRNE transforms the heavy vibe from rap group Leikeli47‘s original track “F**k The Summer Up,” and lends his own bass-saturated and to-the-point style to an already powerful arrangement. The track is currently up for free download here.

The track begins with a chopped and distant instrumental sample placed behind some light vinyl fuzz. Slowly, Leikeli47’s high-pitched vocal loop emerges alongside snaps and shakers. Wide and full chords bring clarity to the mix as the swell carries the track upwards into the break. The original verse is contrasted by the tight and relentless kick and snare combination, all resting above a resounding sub bass that rattles underneath. Sharp sweeps of a metallic synth and chime hits break up the rhythm and add texture to the percussion section. Eventually, the chords return while the vocals fade away. A snare roll introduces the beat to new, deep stings of bass alongside gradually arpeggiated bell strikes. The track ends with a soft piano ballad and a return of the instrumental sample from the start.

Click here to download the track for free!