Last week, ZHU unveiled the GenerationWHY website. This past weekend, the site populated with names of “collaborators”, and AlunaGeorge “let slip” some news in a reddit AMA.

Yeah there is new music coming really soon… I worked with ZHU for his Genesis Series – it’s an awesome track called ‘Automatic.’ We have some BIG things planned for next week to kick it off, listen out for it on Wednesday!

The comment was then deleted.

Today, a clip was emailed to those who signed up with their emails on the website, a simple play button fashioned in typical ZHU strokes. It led to a mobile-only site with a clip of the collaboration between AlunaGeorge and ZHU, and was quickly “ripped” by “anonymous” user Andrew Shiuan and placed on YouTube, though a higher quality version was found on Vimeo.

It’s all a bit too cloak and dagger for my tastes, and considering ZHU’s entire marketing plan revolves around mystery and secrecy, it’s a gamble. But one thing for sure is the fact that whatever this ends up being, an album or EP or whatever, it’s going to explode.

Just remember, an artist who appeared and rose to stardom within 12 months was nominated for a Grammy. I can’t wait to see what he does next.

“Automatic” is officially out this Wednesday, September 16th. You can still visit GenerationWHY and enter your email to be a part of the magic, and I would suggest doing so.
H/T Dancing Astronaut