Lux.impala, the mysterious side project of a yet to be revealed artist, has been quietly dominating the production game ever since releasing his first track more than a month ago. He has consistently put his mantra into action through his work: “Unruly. Unbound.” With a constantly evolving soundscape and genuine comfort while blending genres, this artist is long overdue for some serious recognition.

To help spread the word of what Lux.impala is all about, he’s just released an astounding, six-song EP titled The Sword. Featuring collaborations with vocalist P.Keys and one of Your EDM’s favorites, Dabow, the compilation explores several different worlds of musical expression and badassery. Three of my favorite tracks off the EP are expanded on below. Get acquainted with the next big thing by downloading “The Sword” for free on Nest HQ’s site.

The leading song, called “Short Sword” is simple in its attention to detail, but no less powerful than any of those that follow. The beat is nearly consistent throughout the entire track, and shows Lux.impala’s confidence in his production. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think you were hearing something that came from Losco or Jackal. It begins with ominous metallic sweeps and buzzes, until a simple horn loop leads into the build. More scrapes carry the swell upward while the lead synth is revealed through the noise. The break is straight forward grime, and will surely overwhelm the club space with ease.

“Bruhhh w/ Dabow” is a deadly combination of both producers’ unique styles. The start to the track and leading noise is very reminiscent of much of Dabow’s work, the rhythm underneath representing Lux.impala’s hard-hitting and to-the-point approach. The result is a wobbly and wonderfully chaotic mash of sliced vocals and pitches that are thrown around the mix.

The EP finishes with “Gotta Give” ft. P.keys. As the only track on the compilation with direct vocal accompaniment, the vibe is immediately reminiscent to the singer’s past collaborations with Mr. Carmack. The low, echoey twang continues throughout the length of the song, perfectly juxtaposing P.keys voice while hi hat rolls spray overhead. The rumbles of warm sub give the entire track satisfying weight and space.

To download the full EP for free, visit Nest HQ’s page here.