Back again, holding back for absolutely no one, Current Value releases his latest culmination. Unleashing his indisputably massive EP entitled Rocket Science to the masses could arguably be a neurofunk bass head’s dying wish. Ending the summer with one of the weightiest releases, Current Value marks his territory as one of the frontrunners of the darker side of drum and bass; an indubitable mastermind.

After taking a short hiatus to explore a few tracks under his alter alias Machine Code (which are absolutely insane I might add), he’s returned thicker than ever. Rocket Science carries the weight of four lumbering tracks all holstering the same gut-wrenching vibe.

Instinctively, of course, I began my Rocket Science journey with the title track. Considerably the most intense, the title tune is equipped with enough low end to level a small neighborhood. Holding massively well-deserved support from Noisia on Noisia Radio, “Rocket Science” begins with ominous pads and stereo-based percussion to present a theatric approach, followed by faded vocals-only to lead directly into an absolute smack down of a drop. In your face immediately, is Current Value’s full representation of sound; a perfect blend of dark neurofunk drum loops head-butted with deep-cut reece basses complimented by high-pitched synth stabs to truly encompass a masterful by-product. Truly one of those tracks that will make you react with a hard blink, a swift double take and your grossest bass face.

All in all, this EP met all preconceived expectations – and more. Catch a few of the tracks from Rocket Science in this exclusive mix from Blackout.

Release Date:

September 25th- Beatport; Worldwide- October 9th