Oh Soundcloud, when will you finally be fixed?

Over the last two days Baauer had his hit track, “Harlem Shake,” which went viral and catapulted the artist into stardom due to the accompanying dances, removed from SoundCloud. In memory of the track’s removal, lets take a look at a ‘best of’ compilation for “Harlem Shake” dances.

The reason behind the removal was due to the fact that Mad Decent technically owns the rights to the track, “Harlem Shake.” Although Mad Decent had no issue with the track being uploaded to Baauer’s account, Soundcloud automatically flagged the track as copyright infringement and removed it immediately.

The two parties are currently working to remedy the situation, considering Baauer is the sole artist behind the track, but this is just another unnecessary error on the blemished resume of our favorite music streaming platform.

Fix your shit Soundcloud, we are patiently waiting – and so is Baauer.

You can listen to Baauer’s hit track “Harlem Shake” below via Mad Decent:

Source: Run The Trap