Have you ever wondered how artists on SoundCloud are able to get those fancy artwork overlays on their tracks? Or how sometimes ads show up when you’re listening to a song? All of this functionality falls under SoundCloud’sOn SoundCloud” premier partner program that was launched earlier this year to help artists make money on the platform. Until recently, this was only available to artists assigned to major distributors or YouTube networks.

Enter Repost Network.

Repost Network  has been getting a lot of buzz in recent months for its ambitious plan to bring these tools to a wider range of artists on the platform. The Repost Network has a sophisticated dashboard that allows creators to take complete control of their SoundCloud accounts.


Through the dashboard, creators can monetize their music, upload track art, edit their banner click-throughs and featured profiles, as well as access an ever- increasing suite of marketing tools.

Once revenue starts rolling in, Repost transparently provides artists and their managers with full access to their monthly SoundCloud earnings. So, while artists using competing services find themselves confused and in the dark about the status of their channel monetization, Repost creators see results faster, and are ultimately able to spend more time doing what really matters: making music.

In an era of ever-increasing options for artists to make a living through their audiences online, Repost stands to be a much needed service for musicians and podcasters alike.

You can find out more and apply here